If you are an expecting mother and would like to place your child in a loving home ,


We are excited to share our love with a child that we are blessed with.

 We are committed to adopting an infant or a child up to the age of 3 as well as any siblings he or she may have up to the age of 6.   

Who We Are

 Our names are Frank and Arlene, we are a loving couple seeking to adopt. 

We have so much love to offer and can't wait to share it with a child.  

We promise to do everything within our power to give a child every opportunity that life has to offer. 

Support in their emotional development, education, and raise them with love. 

We are excited to grow our family through adoption and can't wait for this journey to begin. 

Our Favorite Past Times

 We love to travel. In seven years together we have been to Aruba, Puerto Rico, Sicily, Portugal, France, Florida Keys, Boston, Vermont, Washington DC just to name a few 

Fun Facts

We call ourselves the dynamic duo because together we are a strong couple.

About Us

We have know each other through mutual friends since 1997 however never dated. In 2011 we got reacquainted fell in love instantly and we were married in March of 2012. Since then we have traveled to many places, opened 2 successful women's clothing stores, purchased our home and now with your help, begin our family!. We can't wait to share our love with a child.  


A little bit about Arlene

I was raised to be strong, hardworking, independent, honest and a loving person.  I believe in doing the right thing and in fairness. I grew up speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English.
My summers were spent going to Portugal to different beaches and Wildwood NJ. As a child and early adolescent I took ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics and piano lessons. Music has also been and is a big part of my life. I have two sisters, 4 nieces and a nephew. I own two women’s boutiques for the last seven years.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful staff and a flexible schedule in order to be able to care of a child. We have a great group of friends with small children and we would love for a child to experience this.  I was raised with my parents getting together with their friends and their children and I have such good memories from that.  My mother is still alive and I have 2 older sisters (1 nephew 4 nieces).  


A little bit about Frank

I am a fun loving person. I am patient and thoughtful.  I was raised to respect and love the people around me. I have an easy going personality. My wife and I are a great team because we both love each other very much and we communicate very well together. When we get together with our friends and their children, I am their Uncle Frank and Arlene is their Titi R, we both melt when they call us this.  I grew up playing soccer, basketball, baseball team sports but when I got into high school I focused my time on music. I hope to share my childhood experiences with a child someday. I have a masters degree in Finance and International Business. I work in NJ for a company that is flexible with work from home options.  I hope to give our child a chance to excel in what they love to do and I promise to support and nurture them to help fulfill their goals in life, whatever they may be.  My parents are both alive, and I have an older brother who is married but doesn't have any children. 


About our Family

We both come from a close knit family and were brought up with lots of love around us in which we can't wait to do the same for a child that we adopt.

We have a great family and group of friends that love gathering with us during major Holiday's like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter.  

Frank and I love to entertain and have summer bbq's at our house and go to explore new places. 

Our Story

We tried to have a family naturally and made it to the 40-week checkup. We went a doctors appointment and there was no heartbeat.  That day we delivered a stillborn baby boy named Sebastian (Sebbie). It was such a somber moment in our lives. We had everything prepared waiting for him to bless us with his life. Toys, crib, endless amount of clothes and the love and support of our family and friends but unfortunately, we had to come home from the hospital to an empty home with no child. We tried invitro 2 times after that and was unsuccessful. We have looked into other ways of having our family and have decided that finding an expecting mother /birth mother was the one that really made sense for us. We hope our story resins with you and that we are the right fit for your child.

Our Home


This is our living space where we eat, hang out entertain and watch movies


This is one of the bedrooms in our home

The bedroom (s) will be converted to fit the child's age and needs


This is our home

Lots of grass to run around and play on